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  • Pilot ID: ACA2339
  • Rank: Chief Pilot
  • Total Flights: 1282
  • Total Hours: 2483.42
  • Location: Canada Canada
  • Vatsim ID: 1307109
  • IVAO ID:


FBA-Vancouver Island
A330-300 Certification
 A321-200 Certification
Most vACA Miles
Most vACA Hours
Top Pilot of the Month
Oilers Tour
Military Veteran
Bronze Greased Landing
Silver Greased Landing
Canadian Forces Tour
2010 Hub Tour
100 vACA Hours
Toronto Tour
Real World CRJ-200/900 Sc
Calgary Hub Tour
December Toy Run Tour
250 vACA Hours
Most vACA Flights
Gold Greased Landing
Dash8-Q400 Pilot Tour
DC-3 Pilot Tour
Vancouver Hub Tour Jan/14
TCA DC3 Tour
100 vACA Flights
B1900 Commuter Pilot Tour
CMA Tour
EVAS Tour Award
B1900 Certification
Retro DC9-30 Tour
500 vACA Hours
Rouge Europe Tour
B767-300 Certification
A320-200 Certification
Senators Tour
Jets Tour
Montreal Tour
750 vACA Hours
250 vACA Flights
Greased Landing Champion
 Electra Retro Tour
TriStar Pilot Tour
1000 vACA Hours
Embraer 190 Tour
E-190 Certification
500 vACA Flights
Greek Holiday Tour Award
Air New Zealand Tour
Vangard Pilot Tour
CRJ200 Certification
CRJ705 Certification
E-175 Certification
virtualACA 1 Year Veteran
Embraer 175 Tour Award
Constellation Pilot Tour
Retro BaE146-200 Tour
1500 vACA Hours
Retro B747-200 Tour
750 vACA Flights
North Star Tour Award
Airbus A320 Real World To
Retro B727-200 Tour Award
vACA 2016 Rio Olympic Cha
A319-100 Certification
DH8-100 Certification
DH8-300 Certification
DH8-400 Certification
Dash-8-100 Tour Award pt1
Dash-8-100 Tour Award pt2
2 Year Veteran
1 Year Veteran
Dash-8-300 Tour Award
Air Nelson Tour Award
1000 vACA Flights
Remembrance Day Tour
Torronto Blue Jays Award
737 MAX Toronto
737 MAX Certification
2000 vACA Hours
DC-8-63 Tour Award
DC-8-63 Tour Award
DC-8-63 Tour Award
Retro Viscount Tour
LOT Polish Airlines Tour
Air China Tour
2017 vACA Hub Tour
A330-300 Tour Award
vACA Peongchang Olympic C
Caribbean Tour Award

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Last 10 PIREPs

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
ACA8439 CYQR CYYC DHC-8-400 (C-GGOK) 01.25.37 02/15/2019
Approval Pending
ACA8050 CYYJ CYVR DHC-8-300 (C-FACF) 00.19.45 01/02/2019
TCA68 CYUL CYOW VICKERS VISC (CF-THC) 00.33.39 12/25/2018
ACA8252 CYCD CYVR DHC-8-300 (C-GHTA) 00.11.34 12/25/2018
TCA27 CYRQ CYUL L-10A (CF-TCC) 00.35.43 12/25/2018
ACA8254 CYCD CYVR DHC-8-300 (C-GABP) 00.12.07 12/25/2018
ACA8252 CYCD CYVR DHC-8-300 (C-GHTA) 00.14.07 12/24/2018
VAT046 KLGA CYYZ B727-200 (C-GAAV) 01.19.50 12/24/2018
ACA8252 CYCD CYVR DHC-8-300 (C-GHTA) 00.16.13 12/24/2018
ACA8254 CYCD CYVR DHC-8-300 (C-GABP) 00.11.37 12/23/2018