virtualACA Pilot Ranks

Rank Rank Insignia Required Hours vPay Rate Pilots In Rank
New HireNew Hire0v$1037
Second OfficerSecond Officer5v$2013
First OfficerFirst Officer50v$3013
Senior OfficerSenior Officer150v$406
Senior CaptainSenior Captain250v$455
Chief PilotChief Pilot400v$5016
Honorary Board MemberHonorary Board MemberAppointedv$01
Events DirectorEvents DirectorAppointedv$851
Hub DirectorHub DirectorAppointedv$851
Western Division Hub ManagerWestern Division Hub ManagerAppointedv$850
Chief Operating OfficerChief Operating OfficerAppointedv$901
Chief Administrative OfficerChief Administrative OfficerAppointedv$901
Chief Executive OfficerChief Executive OfficerAppointedv$901
Chairman Of The BoardChairman Of The BoardAppointedv$900