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Remembrance Day Tour 2017

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Description: The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) From the beginning of hostilities it was recognized that one of Canada's major roles in the war would be as a training ground where instruction could be carried on away from the actual battle area. Government representatives from United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada met in Ottawa and signed an agreement in December 1939 to set up the BCATP, converting Canada into what President Roosevelt later termed "the aerodrome of democracy." The initial plan provided for Elementary Flying Training Schools, Service Flying Training Schools, and Air Observer Schools. Supplementing these were numerous other units for recruiting, training, maintenance, and administration, making a total of 74 schools, depots and other formations. When f

Participants: 13

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Leg: 1 - RAF001 - CYZT to CFP7
Leg: 2 - RAF002 - CFP7 to CYMJ
Leg: 3 - RAF003 - CYMJ to CYGM
Leg: 4 - RAF004 - CYGM to CYYU
Leg: 5 - RAF005 - CYYU to CYFD
Leg: 6 - RAF006 - CYFD to CYGK
Leg: 7 - RAF007 - CYGK to CYBG
Leg: 8 - RAF008 - CYBG to CYGP
Leg: 9 - RAF009 - CYGP to CYYG
Leg: 10 - RAF010 - CYYG to CYSJ
Leg: 11 - RAF011 - CYSJ to CYAW
Leg: 12 - RAF012 - CYAW to CYQY
Leg: 13 - RAF013 - CYQY to CYQX
Leg: 14 - RAF014 - CYQX to CYYR

Remembrance Day Tour 2017