Exploits Valley Air Services Tour

Status: Active
Description: Heres your chance to fly for another of our Alliance partners, Based in Goose Bay, flying to some airports in & around Newfoundland & Labrador, & New Brunswick using the Iconic & Popular Beechcraft 1900D. Enjoy.
Exploits Valley Air Services Tour

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1CFB Goose Bay (CYYR)Deer Lake Regional (CYDF)ACA7632B1900D272 nm
2Deer Lake Regional (CYDF)St. John's International Airport (CYYT)ACA7636B1900D208 nm
3St. John's International Airport (CYYT)Gander International (CYQX)ACA7621B1900D107 nm
4Gander International (CYQX)CFB Goose Bay (CYYR)ACA7643B1900D343 nm
5CFB Goose Bay (CYYR)Wabush (CYWK)ACA7647B1900D233 nm
6Wabush (CYWK)Sept-Iles Airport (CYZV)ACA7649B1900D163 nm
7Sept-Iles Airport (CYZV)Wabush (CYWK)ACA7646B1900D163 nm
8Wabush (CYWK)CFB Goose Bay (CYYR)ACA7644B1900D233 nm
9CFB Goose Bay (CYYR)Gander International (CYQX)ACA7640B1900D343 nm
10Gander International (CYQX)St. John's International Airport (CYYT)ACA7620B1900D107 nm
11St. John's International Airport (CYYT)Deer Lake Regional (CYDF)ACA7635B1900D208 nm
12Deer Lake Regional (CYDF)CFB Goose Bay (CYYR)ACA7637B1900D272 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 2655 nm

Pilot Progress Click To View PIREP

START: CYYRLeg: 1 To: CYDFLeg: 2 To: CYYTLeg: 3 To: CYQXLeg: 4 To: CYYRLeg: 5 To: CYWKLeg: 6 To: CYZVLeg: 7 To: CYWKLeg: 8 To: CYYRLeg: 9 To: CYQXLeg: 10 To: CYYTLeg: 11 To: CYDFLeg: 12 To: CYYRComplete
1Neil Sadler - ACA1201Complete
2Roger Godden - ACA2339Complete
3Thomas Geoghegan - ACA1617Complete
4Mike Avila - ACA1002Complete
5Graham Dawson - ACA2317Complete
6John Croxford - ACA2492Complete
7Jean-Michel Lazare - ACA2310Complete
8Pierre Dequack - ACA2656Complete
9Matthew Laslop - ACA2855             
10Jake Barager - ACA3149Complete