Flying Beaver Adventures - Alaska Part 1

Status: Active
Description: Flying Beaver Adventures is now departing! Enjoy the breathtaking Alaskan scenery as you leisurely fly your favorite float plane to various seaplane bases around Alaska.
 Flying Beaver Adventures - Alaska Part 1

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Anchorage/Campbell Lake Seaplane Base (3C3)Wasilla / Lake Lucille SPB (4A3)FBA8131FFLOATPLANE30 nm
2Wasilla / Lake Lucille SPB (4A3)Ellamar SPB (1Z9)FBA8132FFLOATPLANE41 nm
3Ellamar SPB (1Z9)Lake Louise SPB (13S)FBA8133FFLOATPLANE124 nm
4Lake Louise SPB (13S)Palmer / Gooding Lake SPB (2D3)FBA8134FFLOATPLANE86 nm
5Palmer / Gooding Lake SPB (2D3)Willow SPB (2X2)FBA8135FFLOATPLANE24 nm
6Willow SPB (2X2)Wasilla / Seymour Lake SPB (3A3)FBA8136FFLOATPLANE14 nm
7Wasilla / Seymour Lake SPB (3A3)Kenai / Island Lake SPB (2R3)FBA8137FFLOATPLANE73 nm
8Kenai / Island Lake SPB (2R3)Wasilla / Flyway Farm Water Airstrip (36AK)FBA8138FFLOATPLANE53 nm
9Wasilla / Flyway Farm Water Airstrip (36AK)Kenai Municipal Airport / 1 and 19 Water (PAEN)FBA8139FFLOATPLANE58 nm
10Kenai Municipal Airport / 1 and 19 Water (PAEN)Anchorage/Campbell Lake Seaplane Base (3C3)FBA8140FFLOATPLANE51 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 553 nm

Pilot Progress Click To View PIREP

START: 3C3Leg: 1 To: 4A3Leg: 2 To: 1Z9Leg: 3 To: 13SLeg: 4 To: 2D3Leg: 5 To: 2X2Leg: 6 To: 3A3Leg: 7 To: 2R3Leg: 8 To: 36AKLeg: 9 To: PAENLeg: 10 To: 3C3Complete
1Graham Brewer - ACA1346       
2Jean-Michel Lazare - ACA2310Complete
3Neil Sadler - ACA1201Complete
4Roger Godden - ACA2339Complete
5Graham Dawson - ACA2317Complete
6Donald Dickson - ACA3198