Flying Beaver Adventures - Alaska Part 2

Status: Active
Description: Join us once again as we fly our favorite float planes in Alaska, enjoying the magnificent scenery and great approaches!
  Flying Beaver Adventures - Alaska Part 2

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Hyder SPB (4Z7)Bell Island Hot Springs SPB (KBE)FBA8141FFLOATPLANE53 nm
2Bell Island Hot Springs SPB (KBE)Wrangell SPB (68A)FBA8142FFLOATPLANE42 nm
3Wrangell SPB (68A)Entrance Island SPB (2Z1)FBA8143FFLOATPLANE67 nm
4Entrance Island SPB (2Z1)Juneau Harbor SPB (5Z1)FBA8144FFLOATPLANE62 nm
5Juneau Harbor SPB (5Z1)Haines SPB (3Z9)FBA8145FFLOATPLANE65 nm
6Haines SPB (3Z9)Bartlett Cove SPB (BQV)FBA8146FFLOATPLANE49 nm
7Bartlett Cove SPB (BQV)Angoon SPB (AGN)FBA8147FFLOATPLANE71 nm
8Angoon SPB (AGN)Point Baker SPB (KPB)FBA8148FFLOATPLANE76 nm
9Point Baker SPB (KPB)North Whale SPB (96Z)FBA8149FFLOATPLANE22 nm
10North Whale SPB (96Z)Coffman Cove SPB (KCC)FBA8150FFLOATPLANE11 nm
11Coffman Cove SPB (KCC)Yes Bay Lodge SPB (78K)FBA8151FFLOATPLANE35 nm
12Yes Bay Lodge SPB (78K)Loring, Alaska SPB (13Z)FBA8152FFLOATPLANE20 nm
13Loring, Alaska SPB (13Z)Meyers Chuck SPB (84K)FBA8153FFLOATPLANE23 nm
14Meyers Chuck SPB (84K)Tokeen SPB (57A)FBA8154FFLOATPLANE38 nm
15Tokeen SPB (57A)Chatham SPB (CYM)FBA8155FFLOATPLANE109 nm
16Chatham SPB (CYM)Sitka SPB (A29)FBA8156FFLOATPLANE31 nm
17Sitka SPB (A29)Port Alice SPB (16K)FBA8157FFLOATPLANE96 nm
18Port Alice SPB (16K)Klawock SPB (AQC)FBA8158FFLOATPLANE22 nm
19Klawock SPB (AQC)Ketchikan Harbor SPB (5KE)FBA8159FFLOATPLANE51 nm
20Ketchikan Harbor SPB (5KE)Hyder SPB (4Z7)FBA8160FFLOATPLANE65 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1006 nm

Pilot Progress Click To View PIREP

START: 4Z7Leg: 1 To: KBELeg: 2 To: 68ALeg: 3 To: 2Z1Leg: 4 To: 5Z1Leg: 5 To: 3Z9Leg: 6 To: BQVLeg: 7 To: AGNLeg: 8 To: KPBLeg: 9 To: 96ZLeg: 10 To: KCCLeg: 11 To: 78KLeg: 12 To: 13ZLeg: 13 To: 84KLeg: 14 To: 57ALeg: 15 To: CYMLeg: 16 To: A29Leg: 17 To: 16KLeg: 18 To: AQCLeg: 19 To: 5KELeg: 20 To: 4Z7Complete
1Neil Sadler - ACA1201Complete
2Roger Godden - ACA2339Complete
3Graham Dawson - ACA2317Complete
4Jean-Michel Lazare - ACA2310Complete