Star Alliance Turkish Airlines Tour

Status: Active
Description: Now you can fly for Turkish Airlines, based in Istanbul, Turkey (LTBA/IST) flying to the Middle east & Europe, sign up & enjoy, Tour start date 1st February 2016.
Star Alliance Turkish Airlines Tour

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Istanbul / Ataturk (LTBA)Narimanovo Airport (URWA)THY479A319-100891 nm
2Narimanovo Airport (URWA)Istanbul / Ataturk (LTBA)THY480A319-100891 nm
3Istanbul / Ataturk (LTBA)Pisa / San Giusto - Galileo Galilei International Airport (LIRP)THY1397A320-200833 nm
4Pisa / San Giusto - Galileo Galilei International Airport (LIRP)Istanbul / Ataturk (LTBA)THY1398A320-200833 nm
5Istanbul / Ataturk (LTBA)Kabul International Airport (OAKB)THY706A330-2001940 nm
6Kabul International Airport (OAKB)Istanbul / Ataturk (LTBA)THY707A330-2001940 nm
7Istanbul / Ataturk (LTBA)Podgorica (LYPG)THY1085A319-100436 nm
8Podgorica (LYPG)Istanbul / Ataturk (LTBA)THY1086A319-100436 nm
9Istanbul / Ataturk (LTBA)Graz (LOWG)THY1461B737-700681 nm
10Graz (LOWG)Istanbul / Ataturk (LTBA)THY1462B737-700681 nm
11Istanbul / Ataturk (LTBA)Ben Gurion (LLBG)THY786A320-200613 nm
12Ben Gurion (LLBG)Istanbul / Ataturk (LTBA)THY787A320-200613 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 10788 nm

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START: LTBALeg: 1 To: URWALeg: 2 To: LTBALeg: 3 To: LIRPLeg: 4 To: LTBALeg: 5 To: OAKBLeg: 6 To: LTBALeg: 7 To: LYPGLeg: 8 To: LTBALeg: 9 To: LOWGLeg: 10 To: LTBALeg: 11 To: LLBGLeg: 12 To: LTBAComplete
1Neil Sadler - ACA1201Complete
2Graham Dawson - ACA2317Complete
3Herve Despres - ACA2620             
4Thomas Geoghegan - ACA1617          
5Jason Bailey - ACA2977Complete