Real World Schedule A320

Status: Active
Description: Air Canada has been short of pilots on their A320 aircraft and has asked vACA to send some pilots to get their flights done. For this tour you will follow a sample real world 5 day pairing that a YYZ based A320 crew may fly. We will be creating a badge for those who successfully complete this tour. Please note you do not have to complete this tour in 5 days nor do you have to fly all the legs for a certain day in one day. Enjoy!
Real World Schedule A320

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Toronto Pearson Int'L. (CYYZ)Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)ACA153A320-2001808 nm
2Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)ACA566E190697 nm
3San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)ACA567E190697 nm
4Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International (CYOW)ACA166A320-2001920 nm
5 () ()0 nm
6 () ()0 nm
7Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International (CYOW)Toronto Pearson Int'L. (CYYZ)ACA459A320-200196 nm
8Toronto Pearson Int'L. (CYYZ)Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International (CYWG)ACA269E190813 nm
9Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International (CYWG)Toronto Pearson Int'L. (CYYZ)ACA272A320-200813 nm
10Toronto Pearson Int'L. (CYYZ)Palm Beach International (KPBI)ACA920A320-2001022 nm
11Palm Beach International (KPBI)Toronto Pearson Int'L. (CYYZ)ACA921A320-2001022 nm
12Toronto Pearson Int'L. (CYYZ)Montreal - Pierre Elliott Trudeau International (CYUL)ACA418B787-800274 nm
13Montreal - Pierre Elliott Trudeau International (CYUL)Toronto Pearson Int'L. (CYYZ)ACA423A320-200274 nm
14Toronto Pearson Int'L. (CYYZ)Fort Mcmurray (CYMM)ACA1197A319-1001426 nm
15Fort Mcmurray (CYMM)Toronto Pearson Int'L. (CYYZ)ACA1196E1901426 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 12387 nm

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START: CYYZLeg: 1 To: CYVRLeg: 2 To: KSFOLeg: 3 To: CYVRLeg: 4 To: CYOWLeg: 5 To: Leg: 6 To: Leg: 7 To: CYYZLeg: 8 To: CYWGLeg: 9 To: CYYZLeg: 10 To: KPBILeg: 11 To: CYYZLeg: 12 To: CYULLeg: 13 To: CYYZLeg: 14 To: CYMMLeg: 15 To: CYYZComplete
1Neil Sadler - ACA1201   
2Mike Avila - ACA1002            
3Herve Despres - ACA2620   
4Graham Brewer - ACA1346            
5Bruce Peterson - ACA2452   
6Graham Dawson - ACA2317            
7Jean-Pierre Audet - ACA2903               
8Matthew Laslop - ACA2855                
9Stephen Ellis - ACA3277                
10Doug Fisher - ACA3285