Air Nelson Star Alliance Tour

Status: Active
Description: Air Nelson, a subsidiary of Air New Zealand, is a regional airline based in Nelson, New Zealand. It operates services on provincial routes under the Air New Zealand Link brand using the great Dash8-Q300. It's other hubs are Aukland, Christchurch & Wellington, on this tour you will visit every airport they serve around the Islands, call sign "Link" Sign up & enjoy some sight seeing
Air Nelson Star Alliance Tour

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Auckland International Airport (NZAA)New Plymouth Airport (NZNP)ACARLK8041DHC-8-300124 nm
2New Plymouth Airport (NZNP)Christchurch International, NZ (NZCH)ACARLK8765DHC-8-300279 nm
3Christchurch International, NZ (NZCH)Hokitika Airfield (NZHK)ACARLK8830DHC-8-30082 nm
4Hokitika Airfield (NZHK)Christchurch International, NZ (NZCH)ACARLK8835DHC-8-30082 nm
5Christchurch International, NZ (NZCH)Nelson Airport (NZNS)ACARLK8850DHC-8-300135 nm
6Nelson Airport (NZNS)Wellington International (NZWN)ACARLK8306DHC-8-30071 nm
7Wellington International (NZWN)Invercargill Airport (NZNV)ACARLK8873DHC-8-300415 nm
8Invercargill Airport (NZNV)Wellington International (NZWN)ACARLK8876DHC-8-300415 nm
9Wellington International (NZWN)Gisborne Airport (NZGS)ACARLK8282DHC-8-300216 nm
10Gisborne Airport (NZGS)Auckland International Airport (NZAA)ACARLK8172DHC-8-300181 nm
11Auckland International Airport (NZAA)Whangarei Airport (NZWR)ACARLK8222DHC-8-30077 nm
12Whangarei Airport (NZWR)Auckland International Airport (NZAA)ACARLK8227DHC-8-30077 nm
13Auckland International Airport (NZAA)Paraparaumu Airport (NZPP)ACARLK8861DHC-8-300234 nm
14Paraparaumu Airport (NZPP)Auckland International Airport (NZAA)ACARLK8868DHC-8-300234 nm
15Auckland International Airport (NZAA)Rotorua Regional Airport (NZRO)ACARLK8151DHC-8-30098 nm
16Rotorua Regional Airport (NZRO)Wellington International (NZWN)ACARLK8231DHC-8-300205 nm
17Wellington International (NZWN)Napier Airport (NZNR)ACARLK8894DHC-8-300146 nm
18Napier Airport (NZNR)Wellington International (NZWN)ACARLK8887DHC-8-300146 nm
19Wellington International (NZWN)Tauranga Airport (NZTG)ACARLK8258DHC-8-300228 nm
20Tauranga Airport (NZTG)Auckland International Airport (NZAA)ACARLK8128DHC-8-30078 nm
21Auckland International Airport (NZAA)Palmerston North Airport (NZPM)ACARLK8109DHC-8-300203 nm
22Palmerston North Airport (NZPM)Hamilton Airport (NZHN)ACARLK8246DHC-8-300148 nm
23Hamilton Airport (NZHN)Wellington International (NZWN)ACARLK8817DHC-8-300209 nm
24Wellington International (NZWN)Timaru Airport (NZTU)ACARLK8193DHC-8-300239 nm
25Timaru Airport (NZTU)Wellington International (NZWN)ACARLK8192DHC-8-300239 nm
26Wellington International (NZWN)Woodbourne Airport (NZWB)ACARLK8737DHC-8-30044 nm
27Woodbourne Airport (NZWB)Auckland International Airport (NZAA)ACARLK8208DHC-8-300274 nm
28Auckland International Airport (NZAA)Kerikeri Airport (NZKK)ACARLK8270DHC-8-300113 nm
29Kerikeri Airport (NZKK)Auckland International Airport (NZAA)ACARLK8269DHC-8-300113 nm
30Auckland International Airport (NZAA)Nelson Airport (NZNS)ACARLK8071DHC-8-300268 nm
31Nelson Airport (NZNS)Christchurch International, NZ (NZCH)ACARLK8851DHC-8-300135 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 5512 nm

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1Neil Sadler - ACA1201Complete
2Roger Godden - ACA2339Complete
3Graham Dawson - ACA2317Complete
4Donald Dickson - ACA3198                                
5Celso Silva - ACA3173Complete