2018 Winter Olympics Tour!

Status: Active
Description: The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea are upon us and once again, virtualACA has been called on to bring over athletes, fans, media, and coaches. Departing from Vancouver, fly them to the games, and then return from Korea to Calgary, where the games will debrief at Calgary's Olympic Park, host of the 1988 games. Any aircraft that can fit the range of the flights may be used. Enjoy!
2018 Winter Olympics Tour!

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)Yangyang International Airport (RKNY)VAT067YOUR CHOICE4347 nm
2Yangyang International Airport (RKNY)Calgary International Airport (CYYC)VAT068YOUR CHOICE4537 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 8884 nm

Pilot Progress Click To View PIREP

START: CYVRLeg: 1 To: RKNYLeg: 2 To: CYYCComplete
1Herve Despres - ACA2620Complete
2Neil Blaikie - ACA3070Complete
3Roger Godden - ACA2339Complete
4Mike Avila - ACA1002  
5Graham Brewer - ACA1346  
6Ronald Real - ACA2589  
7Phinehas Lawson - ACA3190  
8John Simmons - ACA3243