Dangerous Airports Tour 1

Status: Active
Description: Here is part 1 of our new series of short tours, landing & departing from the most dangerous Airports in the world, Only a few pilots are trained to land at these airports, now its your chance to try, using your choice of aircraft as long as it is suitable for the flight, The largest aircraft currently flying into Toncintin is the B737-800, Previously B757-200, take your pick & have fun, Max landing rate for tour badge is -300fpm
Dangerous Airports Tour 1

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Tocumen International Airport, Panama City, (MPTO)Toncontín International Airport (MHTG)VATDAP103YOUR CHOICE550 nm
2Toncontín International Airport (MHTG)Tocumen International Airport, Panama City, (MPTO)VATDAP104YOUR CHOICE550 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1100 nm

Pilot Progress Click To View PIREP

START: MPTOLeg: 1 To: MHTGLeg: 2 To: MPTOComplete
1Graham Brewer - ACA1346   
2Jean-Michel Lazare - ACA2310Complete
3Graham Dawson - ACA2317Complete
4John Simmons - ACA3243   
5EDWIN PEREZ - ACA3312Complete
6Herve Despres - ACA2620