Extreme Approaches

Extreme Approaches - Tenzing-Hillary

Status: Active

Description: Owing its popularity to being the gateway to Mount Everest, Lukal is one of the busiest domestic airports in Napal. The 1729-foot runway sits 9,400 feet on top of a 2,000-foot cliff and ends where a mountain wall begins. Minimal landing aids and inconsistent weather will further worsen the condition. A missed approach usually ends with catastrophic results. There are no "Go Arounds" or safety cushions for a missed landing or equipment faliure here. Pilots have to undergo specialized training and get licensed before they can perform flight operations at this airport. Lukla-bound flights have become infamous for crashes. Since 2000, seven accidents have occured killing over 50 passengers and crew. This is regarded as one of the most dangerous airport in the world.

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Leg: 1 - VAT160 - VNKT to VNLK
Leg: 2 - VAT161 - VNLK to VNVT
Leg: 3 - VAT162 - VNVT to VNLK
Leg: 4 - VAT163 - VNLK to VNSI
Leg: 5 - VAT164 - VNSI to VNLK
Leg: 6 - VAT165 - VNLK to VNBP
Leg: 7 - VAT166 - VNBP to VNLK
Leg: 8 - VAT167 - VNLK to VNKT

Extreme Approaches - Tenzing-Hillary